Tipton County Pork Festival, Tipton, Indiana

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The Tipton Pork Festival - Established 1969

September 6, 7, & 8, 2018

The 2018 Tipton County Pork Festival opens in:

It was 1969 and life was good, Elvis was King.  Nixon was in the White House.   And man had walked on the Moon.  Things couldn't get much better until Frank Larson cooked the first batch of barbecued pork chops on the courthouse lawn.  With a secret sauce and a special barbecue machine he launched Tipton County pork into a spotlight that would long out shine the events of 1969.

When the sweet aroma of barbecued pork chops once again drift across the courthouse square every September, the Tipton County Pork Festival marks another celebration.   Some of the founders will be there, a lot of new faces also, but most importantly, those great tasting pork chops will be back, thick and juicy and basically unchanged since festival #1.

Tipton Pork Festival
Tipton, Indiana

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